No worries! We'll be there to cheer you on along the way! Whether you're signing up for one of our signature MOVEZ dance cardio, barre, or stretch classes, trying something new can be scary. But our trained instructors will make you feel welcome and confident. No dance or fitness experience required! In fact, after just a handful of classes, many of our students love the confidence and comradery we aim to build in our classes. 



Where are you located?
3 locations throughout the DMV *SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on Season

 - BALTIMORE COUNTY, TOWSON DANCE STUDIO: 9486 Deereco Rd (Business Park right behind Timonium Fairgrounds)

 - BALTIMORE CITY, MARYLAND ATHLETIC CLUB: 655 President St (Harbor East/Inner Harbor) *MEMBERS ONLY


What are your hours of operation?
We open approx. 20 minutes before the first class of the day and we close 30 minutes after the last class of the day. 

What are your prices? 
We offer Drop-ins, discount packages & more. To see all our options click here.
We also have an Intro Special for new clients that is available in-studio on your first day of class. 

What should I expect?
Movez Dance Fitness is a 55-minute cardio dance workout class featuring energetic, trained dance instructors. Each class infuses dance moves, and dance routines to create a full-body, fun workout. We offer other classes as well that have emphasis on specific dance rhythms like Afrobeats, SocaSweat, etc.

No, but really, I am a horrible dancer… Can I do this class?
YES. We know dance can be intimidating but rest assured: no dance experience is required! We pride ourselves on encouraging students to learn choreography that incorporates equal elements dance and fitness. If you get lost, follow the foot patterns and add the arms when you feel good! You will find after just three classes, you’re practically a pro! Added perk: many of our clients report they have become much better dancers over time by attending class consistently.

What should I wear and bring?
We recommend form-fitting athletic wear and supportive running sneakers. For ladies, we also recommend a good sports bra. We sell water bottles at our studio, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.


To sign up for a class, you must:

  1. Create an account CLICK HERE

  2. Purchase a credit or package

  3. Sign up for your class time of choice

To ensure you've completed all of the above, please make sure you receive THREE emails the first time you sign up:

  1. A welcome email

  2. A purchase receipt

  3. A class confirmation email

If you do not see an option to sign up for your class of choice, it is because the class is sold out with a full wait list OR you may be missing your DOB in your account profile. And if you didn't receive any of the above emails, make sure you're opted in for email notifications in your account settings! 


If you cancel after the cancellation window (2 hours before class) or don't show and you have a package/credits, the class credit will be deducted from your account.
If you cancel after the cancellation window (2 hours before class) and you have a Unlimited Month pass, a $5.00 late cancel fee will charged to the card on file.

There are no transfers of classes to other clients. 

We have a one-in, one-out waitlist policy. The moment someone in class cancels their reservation, we send an email and call clients on the waitlist.

Please remove your name from the waitlist if you are no longer able to attend a class. If you're on the waitlist, we assume you're available for class and are prepared to attend if a spot opens up. The waitlist is valid up until one hour before class, at which time open slots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Translation: within an hour of class, your best bet is to stop by the studio.

We have a 10-minute grace period for registered clients to enter class late. So, if you'd like to drop-in for a class that is sold out, we must wait 10 minutes to ensure there is a space for you before letting you into class. If you are new, we strongly (like suuuuper strongly) recommend you sign up ahead of time to ensure you get the full rundown at the beginning of class and warm-up.

Can I bring someone under 18 years old?
Clients under 18 years old can attend class, if they sign our under 18 waiver. However, we do not allow anyone under the age of 13 on the dance floor once class has begun. 


I am recovering from a serious injury, what do you suggest?
Feel free to call or email us to discuss your injury before coming to a class. If your doctor has cleared you for physical exercise, we welcome you to take a class, but please be aware that our class does involve jumping and high impact moves. Many clients choose to do our class at their own pace and our instructors can suggest alternatives to certain steps. Go at your pace, only you know your limits.

Is this Zumba?
No, this is not a Zumba™ class though some people do find similarities. And many Zumba clients do enjoy to MOVEZ classes. Come try a class and you’ll see how different we are! 

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